Sunday, January 18, 2009


When the wind blows,
No one really knows,
Would it bring a storm,
Or the reign of calm.

When the sea rolls,
And beats against the rock,
Would the battle cease,
Shall there be lasting peace.

Must the man go on,
In such a stupid way,
Must he still fear,
After all these years.


One may strongly disapprove,
Of a person or his action,
Only a fool believes,
He can change the situation.

If one possesses wisdom,
And a nice temperament,
He may just be fortunate,
To accept life’s disappointment.

If one is enlightened,
Sorrow and happiness are the same,
But to arrive there,
Is not an easy game.

Folly Repeated

Red is red,
Blue certainly blue,
How possibly this can,
Make a false, a true.

Debates, discussions and differences,
What do these achieve,
Pain, anger and anguish,
Is what you receive.

In order to score a point,
One advances irrelevant logic,
Love would have sufficed,
And work like magic.

One endeavours so hard,
To make winning a trend,
In the process,
Often loses a valuable friend.

Only one was wise,
He would keep the friend,
And willingly loose,
An inconsequential argument.


It is sad,
And tragic indeed,
We do not permit,
Excellence to breed.

There are numerous ministers,
None knows how to administer,
Highly paid mighty bureaucrats,
Full of back-biting and chit-chat.

Vacuum is all pervasive,
Writers,scientists and athletes elusive,
One billion people perhaps more,
And yet! big fat zero is the score.

Shall we ever learn,
To have the winning streak,
Will we ever yearn,
To stand firm on our feet.

Can we be counted,
And hold our heads high,
Mediocrity rules the roost,
Answer is a disappointing sigh.

What a shame,
Mediocrity abounds,
No oysters, no pearls,
Merely hollow sounds.

Monday, January 5, 2009

अनंत चिंता

न किसी से ,
कुछ लेता है ,
न किसी को ,
कुछ देता है।

हैरत की बात है ,
फिर भी मानव ,
डर - डर कर ,
क्यों जीता है ।

डर है आख़िर ,
किस बात का ,
मर - मर कर ,
क्यों जीता है ।

साहिब का डर ,
नौकर का डर ,
पुलिस का डर ,
चोर का डर।

अपनों का डर ,
बेगानों का डर ,
राह चलते ,
अंजानो का डर ।

है किसी अनिश्चित ,
दुर्घटना का डर ,
हर आने वाले ,
पल का डर .

आती जाती श्वास ,
हो जैसे थम गई ,
ज़िन्दगी एक डर ,
बन कर रह गई ।